Numb Erone is the Harsh Noise / Harsh Noise Wall project of Leslie Nichols-Rage,
also of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer (2008-2010).

Numb Erone performed live once in Seattle, Washington,
and a 4 concert tour of Japan in late 2010.

Numb Erone discography:

Masturbatory Dysfunction / Numb Erone
Ass 2 Ass Volume 1 c27
Pent Up Release

Numb Erone / Nervous Corps
Dedicated To Harsh / Anthem c15
Gnarled Forest Recordings

V/A- Dreadful Passage CDr
"Dreadful Passage Pt VII: Slow Burn"
Hipster Death Recordings

Dried Up Corpse / Numb Erone
Untitled c30
Gnarled Forest Recordings